Tigersclaw Lineup:

Vocals: Elena Minina (Moscow, Russia)

Soprano Singer at Opera in Moscow. Finalist of "Voice of Russia" 2015
Various concerts/appearances at first Russian Television
Graduated University education as concert pianist and soprano singer at
the Gnesins Academy of Music which is the Elite-Academy of Music in Russia


Composition, all Music: Alexander Baier (Tuebingen, Germany)

Alexander Baier (Guitars, Piano, Bass, Synthesizers) played and toured in the 90s in different, mainly female fronted Bands, composes and writes all Songs of Tigersclaw and works since lots of years in his Studio on various Projects.

Drums: Ralf Neumann (Tuebingen, Germany)

Ralf Neumann (Drums) has been the former Drummer at the Band Antares together with Alexander, they know and appreciate each other since lots of years. After their former musician time as collegues Ralf tread new musical paths. Among others he recorded 2014 with the Band Infinitys call the CD "Unconditional" - 2016 finally Tigersclaw as a second musical encounter took place.


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All Songs written, played and performed by Tigersclaw.  If you want to get in contact feel free to Email us.

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